Oil Industry Moves Beyond Digital Hype To Add Value

HOUSTON—As oil and gas companies ride the digital wave, working to find solutions for challenges in the field and gain efficiency, one app is giving Chesapeake Energy a competitive advantage, according to its CEO.

The in-house generated app is called Well Tender, and Chesapeake’s Doug Lawler described it as the best example of how digital technology is changing business for the company.

“An operator in the field can take out his phone and see if a well is down…how long it’s been offline and can reprioritize his or her route to  go to the well that has the greatest value,” Lawler said Oct. 30 during Deloitte’s Oil & Gas Conference. “Rather than waiting for scada transmission where an operator can be in a distant part of the field or a remote area and not being able to react,” the app gives personnel in the field the ability to prioritize and respond accordingly to minimize downtime.

The app can also prove beneficial when it comes to detecting leaks quicker or situations when something unexpected has occurred, Lawler said.  “It’s a great example and we’re seeing greater uptime, greater production and greater value in our business.”

His thoughts on how digital technologies are transforming the business were shared as technology’s role in the oil patch grows. The industry has shed its reputation of being slow to take up new technology and has turned into one that embraces it.