Halliburton Aims For Push-button Fracking

HOUSTON—Automation has brought robots into fields onshore and offshore in search of leaks and to perform small tasks. It has also been used to automate drillpipe handling and for monitoring and diagnostics.

Now Halliburton Co. (NYSE: HAL) is bringing automation to the hydraulic fracturing process. The company envisions completing a full fracturing treatment with the push of a button, putting its surface treatment data such as treating pressure and proppant quantity with diagnostic subsurface data using technology to enable real-time analysis and optimization.

“By doing this we can tune a frack job for pumping efficiency or for maximum reservoir response all while finding the right balance to pump the most effective frack treatment possible,” Scott Gale, strategic business manager for Halliburton’s global hydraulic fracturing business, told a crowd gathered for the company’s LIFE 2018 event. “Bringing decision making and action moment to moment rather than stage to stage or pad to pad drastically decreases the learning curve for making a better well.”