Emerson Delivers End-to-end Simulation Workflow For Well Efficiency

By combining Roxar’s traditional reservoir management strength with Paradigm’s seismic to simulation platform, the two are developing an automated workflow that expands upstream into geological modeling and downstream into production management and economics for a more consistent reservoir understanding and greater project certainty.

The man charged with leading the integration from Roxar’s side of the equations is Pat Babka, general manager for Roxar Software Solutions business at Emerson Automation Solutions, based at the company’s Stavanger, Norway, facility.

“The whole idea is achieving scale and scope in the E&P software solutions space and providing more value to our end customers,” Babka said. “Our intent is to run Roxar and Paradigm as one Emerson E&P software business; it is a multistep process as you can imagine, but there has been lots of exciting dialogue about what is possible with these two groups.”

Babka added that the company believes it has ”more than doubled our relevance to the industry by providing a full seismic to simulation portfolio,” meeting customers’ request.