Will there ever be a better time to own oil and gas?

This is a unique time in history.  A clash of supply and demand. A world economy built on cheap, plentiful energy. We are in a period of re-balancing in a period of increasing economic, political and social turmoil.

The bottom line is this:  basic economic and natural force are unrelenting, unstoppable, and unforgiving. Multiple forces of skyrocketing global demand, discoveries trailing consumption, and constant unrest in world energy centers are placing tremendous stresses on the energy markets from governments to producers to end users.

Oil is still the undisputed king affecting the entire world economy.  And what happens to oil prices will either make you rich or make you poor.  The logical thing to do is to get into position to take advantage of the situation.

For those who take advantage of it, the opportunity for significant, long term monthly income coupled with generous government incentives that come with direct, undiluted ownership of oil and gas assets means the potential for financial rewards is extremely high.

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